Hospital Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant

Your environmentally friendly, super-effective option for hospital grade disinfection of common surfaces

It differs from other area sanitisers because it kills pathogens through physical rather than chemical means. The physical kill process occurs when the germ cells are pierced and killed instantly, rather than being killed by toxicity that promotes the development of resistant ‘super bugs’. The formula is cleverly assembled so that it forms a strong bond with surfaces, forming an antimicrobial layer that provides protection for up to 28 days.

GFS BioProtect™ Hospital Grade Surface Disinfectant adheres to surfaces including; fabrics, carpet, upholstery, drapes, linen, wood, plastics, stone, porcelain and metals. It can be used in applications where there is a need to keep your environment clean and healthy, especially where there is interpersonal contact and a high risk of cross contamination.

b + e booster

Environmentally friendly yet industrial strength treatment

GFS BioProtect™ B+E Booster is a highly stable, non-toxic microbial product that, through an innovative activation process, acts as an efficient antimicrobial. The naturally occurring microbes in this product were specifically chosen for their superior ability to breakdown waste, proteins and hydrocarbons. This waste biodegrading capacity is enhanced by the creation of surfactin (naturally occurring antibiotic), enzymes (proteins used to cut through grease in many laundry liquids) and biosurfactants (natural detergents) in GFS’s unique patented process. The resultant energised microbials are facultative, thermophilic, extremophilic, halophilic and have a long shelf life of 3-5 years in liquid form.

Breaks down organic wastes, fats, oil and grease while eliminating the associated noxious odours

GFS BioProtect™ B+E Booster is so unique because it only kills pathogens, unlike chlorine, which kills everything. This is because it coexists with all those naturally occurring bacteria that benefit the cycle of life and naturally decompose the earth’s waste. The primary microbe used in the B+E Booster is Bacillus subtilis which occurs naturally in the top three feet of soil, in grasses and around the roots of plants, almost everywhere in the world.

This unique process increases its ability to kill pathogens and accelerates the performance of digesting waste. It also improves its tolerance to extreme environments, which is one of the major difficulties with typical waste digesting bacteria.

  • Non-Toxic and Non-Corrosive
  • Prevents blockages caused by fats, oil, grease and organic wastes
  • Continues to work over prolonged periods
  • Eliminates hazardous gases
  • Breaks down toxic biofilms
  • Quickly removes pungent latrine and septic system odours

Alcohol Free hand Sanitiser

Long lasting, alcohol free protection from harmful germs that can cause sickness and infection

GFS BioProtect™ Hand Sanitiser not only eliminates and inactivates bacteria, but also helps prevent reinfection by maintaining a long lasting protective barrier. Other hand sanitisers on the market today are primarily ethyl or isopropyl alcohol formulations, which are largely antibacterial in nature and only provide protection for a few minutes.

Long lasting protection alcohol free kills 99.99% of germs moisturises with aloe vera

GFS BioProtect™ Hand Sanitiser is unique antimicrobial technology that not only kills on contact, but also has persistent activity that helps prevent infections. The persistence of GFS BioProtect™ Hand Sanitiser has been shown to remain effective for up to 4 hours.

Most hand sanitisers contain high percentages of alcohol to poison germs, generally over 62%. This creates a highly flammable, poisonous mix that carries with it opportunity for being ingested amongst other factors. Constant use of alcohol based hand sanitisers also has the effect of drying out the skin, leading to irritation and cracking. GFS BioProtect™ Hand Sanitiser is water based and contains no alcohol, it’s also non-flammable, and non-poisonous, making it safe for the whole family.

GFS BioProtect™ Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of the harmful germs it comes in contact with by disrupting the outer cell membranes resulting in a physical kill. This physical kill ensures microorganisms do not adapt or become resistant over time.

GFS BioProtect™ Hand Sanitiser is a water-based sanitiser with added aloe vera to leave your hands feeling fresh and soft. It’s been designed to be non-irritating, leaving a fresh aroma once applied.