Driven by a passion for ensuring customer satisfaction, that provides healthy, clean work environments,

with a minimum of fuss; where franchisees, their staff, our customers and their staff, all benefit from cleaner working environments and better health.

At A Cleaner Office Limited
we have the following objectives.

Customer centric
To remain a small, customer centric business; where our customers are the centre of everything we do.
An enthusiastic team
Maintain a small team of enthusiastic and committed franchisees.
Green products
Use the greenest and most effective cleaning products available in the world.

Our Products

Global Future Solutions was built on the vision of contributing to a healthier, greener and cleaner world.

Hospital Grade Surface Spray Disinfectant

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b + e booster

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Alcohol Free hand Sanitiser

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About Us

Experience and Qualifications - Both directors of ACOL have extensive experience, both within the commercial cleaning sector and other businesses. A brief summary follows:

Mike Hughey
Has many years of sales and management experience in the Telco, Security and Commercial Cleaning industries, both here and in Australia. Mike has successfully run a business in telecommunications in NZ before taking it through Australia and eventually going public.

In commercial cleaning has successfully been involved in contracts ranging from gym chains, real estate offices and schools, including one of NZ’s largest.

Mike holds a Security License and ensures all our people are aware of the security requirements necessary for our work. Very focused on achieving the best results for customers.
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David Koningham
Along with having a BCom in accounting, has considerable experience in the Hospitality and Commercial Cleaning sectors, as well as franchising. He has been a Franchisee in Hospitality with his own franchised café, as well as working alongside the largest coffee franchisor in N.Z.

David has worked for the 2 largest commercial cleaning companies in NZ as well as some smaller ones, in operational roles. He has managed contracts from within the NZ Defence Force, Westfield Malls, to offices of all sizes and everything in between.

Additionally he has extensive experience in setting pricing templates and standards for cleaning companies.
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All the franchisees selected by ACOL have extensive experience in commercial cleaning, with the 2 directors. We have known all our franchisees for many years and are completely confident in their abilities. They are all highly professional, committed cleaners, with proven track records.

ACOL and our franchisees are fully responsible for all work we carry out on site.
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The directors are the only 2 people you will ever deal with. We are a 100% NZ company, focused solely on providing the best possible service to our customers. Anything else is contracted out, to ensure our focus remains exactly where it should be – on you!
2 experienced senior managers from the industry, who wanted to do things in a better way. We only work with franchisees we know and have known for a long time, in different companies, over many years.

This ensures that everybody involved with A Cleaner Office Ltd is experienced, dedicated and committed full time to the job at hand.
We utilise countless years of experience (between ourselves and our franchisees) and leading best practices in the industry to ensure a very competitive price.
Cleaning is a simple formula – hours spent and an hourly rate. We will work with you to ensure that we provide you with the most competitive quote possible. If we cannot provide the same service at a lower rate, we will explain to you, in detail, the reasons why.
We use what we know to be the best environmentally friendly and effective products in the world; that not only clean but also sanitise to a hospital grade.
They are designed and manufactured in NZ and are many years ahead of the international trend to develop the new class of eco-friendly cleaning products.

These products clean on 3 different levels, including after the cleaners have long gone home!

They are used by some of New Zealand’s largest companies that are required to clean and sanitise to the highest possible standards; from food production facilities to what goes into our waterways.
If you want a cleaning company that does what it says it will.
Our products not only clean but sanitise. We are mindful of cleaning and sanitising areas like door handles and light switches. These areas, particularly in the winter months, lead to the spread of colds and flus.
Contact us and arrange a free, no obligation quote. We will arrange to visit you, price the work required, discuss it with you and help you make the change.

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